I capture who you are, in a natural, relaxed way. 

A great photograph requires more than just good lighting, composition, focus: it must represent your essence as a person to be truly effective. 
As a result, I avoid generic and formulaic setups.  My goal is to create an original and unique image of you. 

We will work together exploring different expressions, characters, and poses, but I give minimal direction.   I plan plenty of time to do each session so we won't feel rushed and can get the most out of each look.

My preference is to shoot at places you are comfortable in and where you are most natural, such as at (or near) your home, work, or favorite place, such as a park.

Basically, I work with you to get your unique strengths. A compelling and confident image of you makes the viewer want to know more; a great image expresses your unique qualities.  

I take many shots for each look/outfit change (often 100 or more), and later
 delete any unusable shots. I then organize the images into a private, Web Proof Gallery that can be accessed online for 30 days to make sharing images convenient.

You then select your strongest images for me to retouch. 

After five business days, I will mail high resolution images on a CD plus the other images from the shoot.